Feast & Food

Feast & Food_______________

Feast seats are now on a waiting list.

Lunch is NOT provided


1st Course
Bread, spiced honey butter, cheese & herb pate’ with wheat crackers
Refresher Course
Barleyed and Beast (beef) Soup, Potage Root Vegetable Soup
2nd Course
Stuffed mushrooms, Parmesan Pies, mushroom pie, Black Porrey (spinach and bacon)
3rd Course

Roasted chicken as the venison fell through
Venison Royale, Cormayre (spiced roasted Pork), Gourdes in Pottage, Vermicelli , Sprouts a plenty(brussel sprouts)
Blanc-Manger (the dessert custard version not the one with meat!) with fresh berries, Petits pot au Chocolat

Off site Food:

Larry’s Family Foods (grocery store)
120 Michigan 35  Gwinn, MI 49841
(906) 346-6103

The Up North Lodge 
215 S. County Rd. 557
Gwinn, MI, 49841
(906) 346-9815

Rodney’s Pizzeria
120 N Pine St 
Gwinn, MI 49841
(906) 346-6707

124 County Highway Exc 
Gwinn, MI 49841
(906) 346-6430

As well as a lot of different restaurants in Marquette, MI about a 30 minute drive north.


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